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Business in Kazakhstan - 10 Reasons to Invest in Kazakhstan

1. Rich Natural Resources

One of the main treasures of Kazakhstan is its natural resources. Kazakhstan is at the 6-th place in world reserves of natural resources. Out of 110 elements of the periodic table, 99 were discovered in the bowels of Kazakhstan, 70 explored, 60 extracted and used: oil, gas, uranium, zinc, tungsten, bohrium, silver, lead, chromites, copper, fluorides, molybdenum, and gold. Mineral resources base of Kazakhstan consists of 5004 deposits, the forecasted cost of which is about 46 billion USD.

Across the globe Kazakhstan is already the largest producer of tungsten, and in reserves of tungsten Kazakhstan is at the first place in the world, at second - in the reserves of chrome and phosphate, at fourth - in lead and molybdenum resources, at eighth - in general reserves of iron stone (16,6 billion tones) after Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA, India, Russia and Ukraine.

So far only 160 oil and gas deposits have been explored in Kazakhstan, and withdrawn oil stock account for 2,7 billion tons. However, not all of these deposits, not to mention the entire pools, are explored. In the event of their competent use and operation Kazakhstan in its oil potential won't yield to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates. Satellite pictures of the past years, as well as ground investigations suggest that main operating in the West Kzakhstan oilfields adjacent to Caspian Sea coastline - Tengiz, Prorva, Kalamkas, Karazhanbas - are just an "outskirt" of the deep oil pool, the core of which lies in northern part of the Caspian Sea, where total reserves are characterized by very impressive sizes - 3-3,5 billion tons of oil and 2-2,5 trillion cubic gas meters.

In modern Kazakhstan about 300 significant gold deposits are forecasted and 173 of them are explored. Among them are such that will produce gem diamonds. With significant investment literally in few years Kazakhstan will be able to produce 100 tons of gold annually; today it produces only 1 % of its underground pool, which give the right to Kazakhstan to be at 6-th place in the world.

Over 100 coal deposits are explored at the territory of Kazakhstan, the largest of them are: Ekibastuz field, which is notable for large lignite bed thickness, and Karaganda coal pool with over 50 billion tons reserves of coking coal. In the best years of operation, mentioned pools produced only 131 million tons of black coal.

Kazakhstan is also rich in deposits of chemical raw materials: richest deposits of potash and other salts, borates, bromine compounds, sulfates, phosphate chalks, deposits of the most varied raw materials for paint and coatings industry. Huge reserves of sulfur in the composition of complex ore allow widely organizing the production of sulfuric acid and other chemical products extremely essential for economy. There are unlimited opportunities for production of almost all types of petrochemical synthesis products (especially ethylene, polypropylene and rubber material), synthetic detergents and soap production, feed microbiological protein, chemical fiber, cement, synthetic resin and plastics.

Kazakhstan has richest material resources for glass and porcelain industry at its disposal. Its soils and mountains contain the rarest jewels, various construction and facing materials. Other overwhelming wealth of Kazakh land includes mineral, medicinal, industrial and thermal waters, which have not found their extensive application yet.

2. Political Stability

Issues of maintaining political stability have always been at the forefront of the country's government. Primarily this is to ensure an interethnic balance.

As a result of sophisticated political strategy, which provides equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of nationality, Kazakhstan has managed to turn multi-ethnicity from the force of potential risk into competitive advantage.

Political stability enabled the republic to create clear and transparent conditions for foreign investment attraction, which broadly predetermined economic success of the country.

3. Sustained Economic Growth

The GDP of Kazakhstan is growing at a steady pace and reached 134 billion USD in 2009. Beginning from 2000 the GDP growth amounts to 8-10% annually. Kazakhstan has one of the best indexes of the GDP per capita among the CIS countries.

4. Industrial and Innovative Development

Kazakhstan has established base institutional elements of industrial development:

* National fund, which ensures economic stability;
* JSC "FNB "Samruk-Kazyna" consolidating the potential of the state to implement cutting-edge areas;
* Development institutions accompanying the process of diversification;
* Dialogue platforms for interaction and coordination of government and business actions.

The National program of forced industrial and innovative development for 2010-2014 was adopted in 2010, main goals of this are: creation of new export-oriented high-tech industries, infrastructure development, reinforcement of the national innovative system, enhancement of local personnel qualification.

Within the frame of forced industrial and innovative development, the work is carried out to establish attractive conditions for investors ready to implement projects in the following priority sectors of economy:

* Oil refining and infrastructure of oil and gas sector, ore mining and smelting complex, nuclear and chemical industries with subsequent transition of rough manufacture to higher processing stages;
* Mechanical industry, construction, pharmaceutical industry
* Agricultural sector, consumer industry, tourism;
* Information and communication technologies, biological technology, alternative power, space activities.

5. Favorable Location

Kazakhstan is located in the heart of Eurasia, main transcontinental roots connecting Asian and Pacific region with the Middle East and Europe pass through Kazakhstan. Unique geographic location of Kazakhstan at the crossing of Europe and Asia guarantees transit traffic through significant markets in Europe and Asia, with a total population of 0, 25 million people.

6. Investor Protection of Rights

To attract overseas capital into the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to reduce investment risks, to provide the system that guarantees the protection of foreign investments, overseas investors are given the national status, i.e. foreign and domestic companies have equal conditions for investment activities.

7. Investment Preferences and Incentives

Attraction and effective use of foreign investment is one of the main courses of mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries.

Kazakhstan aimed at creating favorable conditions for successful operation of local and foreign investors in the republic, investment attraction to non-oil and gas sector.

Detailed information is available in Section 3. State investment support.

8. Favorable Business Climate

In Kazakhstan, close enough attention is drawn to all issues of favorable business climate for investors: the reduction of administrative barriers and simplification of procedures, enhancement of the efficiency of law and judicial systems, improvement of customs and tax administration.

In the past two years, Kazakhstan leads the list of 10 countries, which achieved the greatest success in creating a friendly environment for business.

According to the rating of the World"s Bank the "Doing Business" Kazakhstan taking the 59-th place in 2010 has left behind its nearest neighbors Russia and China, as well as the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

9. The Presence of Multinational Investors in Kazakhstan

Since 1992, foreign investment companies have begun to operate actively within the Kazakh market. Such multinational companies as Chevron, Siemens, General Electric, Danone, Coca-Cola, Henkel, Toshiba, LG Electronics, Shell, Eni, Microsoft, BAE Systems and others successfully operate in Kazakhstan.

In whole, since 1993, Kazakhstan has obtained foreign direct investment in the amount of 118 billion USD.

10. Infrastructure

One of the key factors for effective development of economic sectors is the availability of an adequate communication and transport infrastructure, thus Kazakhstan is constantly working on the improvement of its own infrastructure.

Owing to the investment attraction into various economic sectors, Kazakhstan will continue rapidly develop its infrastructure within the next five or ten years.

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