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The 13th meeting of culture ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states will take place in Tashkent June 21-22, the press service...

"At the beginning of 2016 in Kazakhstan only 668 Chinese companies carried out the activity, in comparison with 2013 their quantity has increased for only...

"Now we are faced by a task to connect this wood to the Borovoe wood, we have already reached Shortandy, that is there have passed 100 km. Next year the...

Kazakhstan President: In 2017 the green zone of Astana to reach Borovoe

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the International Organizations in Vienna, Ambassador Kairat Sarybay has presented his credentials to the Executive Secretary for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBTO ) Lassina Zerbo, according to the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan.
The sides have discussed the issues of mutual interest. Kairat Sarybay emphasized Kazakhstan's continued support for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty as a key element of the nuclear nonproliferation regime. There are four seismic and one infrasound monitoring stations in our country which send relevant information to the CTBTO International Data Centre in Vienna.

Taking into account our global initiative against nuclear testing, the establishment of the International Day of Action against nuclear testing by UN General Assembly and "ATOM" project, Kazakhstan is a model country for other member-states in the sphere of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, sarybay stressed.
In turn L.Zerbo noted Kazakhstan historic contribution to the global nuclear safety as well as our its participation in the actvities of the organization. According to the Executive Secretary, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev's initiative made ​​a significant contribution to global nuclear security and nuclear disarmament.

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) is a multilateral treaty by which states agree to ban all nuclear explosions in all environments, for military or civilian purposes. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 September 1996 but it has not entered into force due to the non-ratification of eight specific states.

It opened for signature in New York on 24 September 1996, when it was signed by 71 States, including five of the eight then nuclear-capable states. Currently, 183 states have ratified the CTBT.

India, Pakistan and China have not yet signed the treaty. Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, China, North Korea, Pakistan and the United States have not yet ratified the document.

Kazakhstan signed CTBT on September 30, 1996, ratified it on December 14, 2001.



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